Remote Hair Braiding

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(I am male, and I have long box braids that reach to my mid-back. My wife likes to play with them. One night, we are watching TV; I am sitting on the floor in front of the couch while my wife is sitting on the couch, and for some reason she has decided to start tying random things into my hair, including but not limited to 3 pencils, a (clean) fork, and her car keys. I don’t mind until I go to reach for the TV remote and it’s not there.)

Me: “Babe, where’s the remote?”

Wife: *starts giggling*

Me: “What?”

(I turn to look at her and feel something abnormally heavy hanging off my head. I reach around and feel the remote, tied up in several of my braids.)

Me: “…really?”

Wife: *is now laughing so hard she’s not even making noise*

Me: “Do you do this when you hang out with your girls?”

Wife: *shakes her head, still unable to speak*

Me: “I’d be mad if you weren’t so cute.”

(She immediately snorted and almost fell off the couch laughing. I had to get the remote out of my hair myself.)

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