Sharing The Caring: A National Service

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(I am at the airport arrival gate. My husband was coming home from serving 9 months in Iraq as a Marine. I am holding a sign saying, ‘Welcome home love!’ There is a teenager at the arrival gate next to mine, with a sign that says ‘Stacy, I think you are really cool. Will you go to prom with me?’. My husband’s flight gets in earlier than the kid’s flight. I greet and kiss my husband, and he notices the teenager and walks over to him.)

Husband: “Way to go, brother. This is the way to a person’s heart. Being there for them and showing you care. Good luck.”

Teenager: “Thank you, sir. I’m really nervous she will say no. Also, thank you for your service.”

(They shake hands and we leave. About 3 years after that, my husband and I are reading the Sunday newspaper. We see a wedding announcement, and a picture of that teenager. He is in marine dress blues, next to his new wife, Stacy.)

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