She Finds It Rather Derivative

| CA, USA | Engaged, Family/Kids

(My fiancé and I are having a dinner with all of our relatives, as well as some close friends, so they get to know each other and us before the wedding. We are both math nerds. His aunt is talking to us.)

Aunt: “So, how did you two meet?”

Me: “I was sitting at the bar, and he walked up to me. The first thing he said was, ‘Baby, I want to be your derivative so I can lie tangent to your curves.'”

Fiancé: “And she went, ‘only if you’ll be the asymptotes to my inverse variation’. That’s when I knew she was the one.”

(All our close friends standing around us laugh. His aunt just stares at us blankly, then shakes her head and walks away.)

Aunt: *mumbling* “Math people.”

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