Stimulating Or Simulating Immunity

| Ottawa, Canada | Flirting, Golden Years

(I’ve had a small cold for a couple days. I begin to ring up a man in his 60s. I’m 19.)

Me: “Hello, sir, how are you today?”

Customer: “Not too bad, except this d***ed cold won’t go away.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I have one too and it’s driving me nuts! Although I love the new pomegranate grapefruit cough drops we sell.”

Customer: “I have some cough drops at home. But there is one thing that really works when you’re sick. The problem is, my wife is out of town so I guess I’m out of luck.”

Me: “Oh, yeah. Wait, what?”

Customer: “Yeah! It totally works. Do you have a man around to help you with your… cold?”

(He winks at me.)

Me: “That’ll be $35.67, sir. Have a nice day.”

Customer: “Try it! And if you don’t have a man, you could always do it with–”

Me: “Goodbye!”

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