Or Could Be Impregnated With An Alien

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(Some coworkers and I go out for some billiards and snacks after work one night. I have just ordered a sampler which comes with various items like deep fried pickles. I’ve always hated pickles, but thought I’d give them a shot. I am messaging my husband.)

Me: “I tried a deep fried pickle… Still don’t like pickles.”


Me: “If I suddenly like pickles, I’m either pregnant or an alien-abductee. So, give me a pregnancy test if I like pickles. If it comes back negative, call the CIA or kill me… unless I’m being nice; then maybe I’m a misunderstood nice alien.”

Another Kind Of Human

| USA | Flirting/How We Met, Popular

(It has been a long day at work and I am relaxing alone at a bar when a man approaches me.)

Man: “Hi, I’m taking a class about human behavior and I’m doing a study about the correlation between numbers and people. Can you write down some 10 random numbers for me?”

Me: “Um, sure.” *he hands me a paper and pen and I do so*

Man: “Thanks!” *I watch him go back to his table and hear him say* “I told you I could get her number! You owe me $10!”

(We ended up going out after that!)

The Biggest Mistake To Assume Too Early

| Austria | Marriage & Partners, Popular

(I’m having a drink with a group of friends, among them an older married couple who have been married for decades.)

The Husband: *about his wife* “My biggest mistake—”

All Of Us: “Aww, you’re so mean!”

The Husband: “—was thinking she was only a summer fling.”

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