Cheated Out Of Irony

| USA | Infidelity, Popular

(I’m on the bus and I overhear this conversation.)

Woman #1: “I feel like my boyfriend is cheating on me!”

Woman #2: “Which one?”

The Book Of Gorgon

| London, England, UK | Dating

(My boyfriend and I are on the bus discussing the things we’ve learned off each other.)

Boyfriend: “I think the thing I’ve learned from you most is mythology.”

Me: “Yeah, you never would’ve known Medusa was an individual and not a race.”

Boyfriend: “What was the race she was again?”

Me: “A gorgon.”

Boyfriend: “I thought it was Mormon for some reason.”

Me: “Well, people certainly freeze when you realise one has come to your door.”

Crush The Celebrity Crush

| TX, USA | Dating

(I am female. My boyfriend and I are both attracted to boys and girls. We both know this, and have discussed celebrity crushes before. We’re talking on the bus with our friend.)

Boyfriend: “How attractive do you think Lindsey Stirling is?”

Me: “She’s okay.”

Friend: *laughs* “You’re jealous aren’t you?”

Me: “No, she just isn’t my type.”

Friend: “You have a type?”

Me: *thinks a moment* “I really like Felicia Day.”

(I pull up a picture of her on my phone and show it to them. My boyfriend makes a pouty face.)

Friend: “Are you jealous?”

Boyfriend: “She’s prettier than me.”

Me: *laughs* “You’re prettier than she is. I promise.”

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