Literally Until Undeath Do Us Part

| VA, USA | Marriage & Partners, Zombies

(When I was younger my mother had a health condition that led to an extended hospital stay. Three times while she was in the ICU she actually was clinically dead, and then revived. After she was released from the hospital at a follow up doctor visit my father made this observation.)

Father: “You know, our wedding vows said ’til death do us part.’ They never said anything about if you were brought back!”

I Love You Inside And Out

| Omaha, NE, USA | Marriage & Partners

(My sister-in-law has just finished having her first child by Caesarean section. My brother was present for it.)

Brother: “I love you on a whole new level, babe.”

Sister-In-Law: “Oh, that’s so sweet!”

Brother: “Now I’ve seen your internal organs.”

Love Cures All

| IA, USA | Golden Years, Marriage & Partners

(My mother is the in-house lawyer for one of the hospitals in our city and always makes sure to say hi to people in the hallways. This occurs with a woman that she has seen several times pushing another woman in a reclining wheel chair who is clearly completely disabled to the point that she is unaware of her surroundings.)

Mom: “Hi, there!”

Woman #1: “Hi, didn’t I see you at the Bar Association outing this summer?”

Mom: “Yes, I bet you did.”

Woman #1: “Yeah, I thought so. I haven’t kept up my license but I always like to go and see everyone.”

(They talk for a few minutes about the types of law they’ve practiced and where.)

Mom: “I see you here frequently. Do you volunteer with hospice?”

Woman #1: “No, this is my wife.”

(It turned out that Woman #2 had advanced stage Alzheimer’s and her wife, Woman #1, took her for a walk everyday even though Woman #2 didn’t have any clue who she was. Love isn’t always romantic but it is always beautiful.)