The Wrong Kind Of Falling In Love

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(I suffer from severe panic attacks due to abuse I suffered growing up. If my brain thinks I’m being hurt in anyway, it’ll shut down and go into panic mode. My boyfriend, does his best to help me through them. This happened while we’re making dinner. I ended up spilling burning hot grease on my arm.)

Me: *feeling myself starting to panic* “[Boyfriend]!” *hoping he would catch before falling*

Boyfriend: “S***! [My Name]! *lunges to catch me but fails*

(Two days later, I wake in the hospital attached to a couple of machines and an IV. My boyfriend has his head on the bed and is holding my hand.)

Me: “[Boyfriend]?”

Boyfriend: *jolts awake at his name and looks right at me. His face breaks out into the hugest grin* “Hey. You’re awake. Oh, thank God.” *his expression suddenly turns serious* “Don’t ever scare me like that again.”

Me: *completely confused* “What do you mean?”

(With that he figured out I didn’t remember, and slowly began explaining how I burned my myself, started to have a panic attack, and collapsed on to the tile floor, hitting my head. I had been unconscious for two days and he never left my side.)

Me: *crying* “I love you, [Boyfriend].”

Boyfriend: “I love you, too, [My Name].”

(I stayed in the hospital for another two days, recovering. It’s been a year since then and the panic attacks are a rarity. We are still together and still happily in love. No, I have not scared him to such a degree since then.)

Literally Until Undeath Do Us Part

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(When I was younger my mother had a health condition that led to an extended hospital stay. Three times while she was in the ICU she actually was clinically dead, and then revived. After she was released from the hospital at a follow up doctor visit my father made this observation.)

Father: “You know, our wedding vows said ’til death do us part.’ They never said anything about if you were brought back!”

I Love You Inside And Out

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(My sister-in-law has just finished having her first child by Caesarean section. My brother was present for it.)

Brother: “I love you on a whole new level, babe.”

Sister-In-Law: “Oh, that’s so sweet!”

Brother: “Now I’ve seen your internal organs.”