This Is The Definition You Are Looking For

| Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Dating, Popular

(It’s the third date or so. As is my habit, I make a typical reference to a property such as Star Wars.)

Date: “You’re a bit of a geek, aren’t you?”

Me: “Well, actually, a geek was a carnival sideshow where the performer would bite the head off a live chicken for the entertainment of the crowd.”

Date: “Do you realise how much of a geek you are for knowing what a geek actually is?”

(We’ve now been married for nine years.)

Making Drinking An Art Form

| Minneapolis, MN, USA | Marriage & Partners, Popular

(This takes place in a hotel bar. A husband and wife have entered from the hotel side before seeing the sights. We were all very jealous of their plans for the day.)

Husband: “How ’bout a glass of wine before we head to the art institute?”

Wife: “Only one?”

Husband: “Well… one… each… to start.”

Wife: “That’s better.”

The Tricky Currents Of A Stormy Relationship

| PA, USA | Dating, Popular

(My boyfriend and I are attending a holiday lunch for his bell ringing group, which he recently rejoined after a couple of years. The last time he was part of it was when he was with his now ex-wife. Part of the lunch includes an annual meeting, so the ring master gets everyone’s attention and makes announcements.)

Ring Master: “Well, a lot of you may not know our newest addition, [My Name], who is not a ringer yet. She’s [Boyfriend]’s current girlfriend…”

(I get an incredulous look on my face, and the room bursts into laughter.)

Me: “Current? Really?”

Ring Master: *trying to recover* “Well, he was with someone else last time…”

Other Ringer: “It’s okay, [My Name]. You’re the best one.”

Boyfriend: “…For now.”

(I proceeded to pretend to thwack him on the back of the head.)