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(I am female, and have been with my amazing boyfriend for 6 years now. We are both pansexual and very open about things, including me checking other people out. I just tend to be more vocal about it than he is.This takes place at a restaurant right after our male server takes our order.)

Boyfriend: “He looks really familiar. I wonder if I know him from somewhere.”

Me: “I was thinking the same thing….That and he is positively adorable!”

Boyfriend: *Nods* “Yes he is.”

(I look at him)

Boyfriend: “….What?”

Me: I love you!

Separately Together

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(I’m a server at a popular Mexican restaurant. This couple comes in to have a nice evening out. I can tell it’s a first date situation by their conversation. It seems to be going fine. It’s the end of the meal.)

Me: “Is the check together or separate?”

(Guy and Girl at the same time:)

Girl: “Together.”

Guy: “Separate.”

(I brought the checks separated. The guy gave me a 20. The girl didn’t sign her receipt.)

Getting Biblical With You

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(I am the cashier. The first customer is a teenage girl, about 18 and 6’0″, who is wearing a leather jacket and skinny jeans, and basically has the “motorcycle babe look” to her. Customer #2 is a 5’2:” man who looks about 15, at the most. The third customer is a middle age man in a suit and tie.)

Customer #1: “And I’ll take a chicken sandwich with a small concrete mix, please.”

Customer #3: “Don’t eat like that or your man will be stuck with a fatty wife.”

Customer #1: *turns to look at Customer #2* “Aww, gee, looks like I like guys and not girls now.”

(It’s pretty obvious that they don’t know each other, but Customer #2 goes along with it.)

Customer #2: “Wow, that thing that your mom did at the church really worked!!”

Customer #3: “That is against the bible, you devil. How about I show you what a real good time is?”

(Customer #1 has been slouching up until then, but then straightens her back to her full 6’0″.)

Customer #1: “What would be in it for me?”

(Customer #3 marches out muttering about the bible and how he gets plenty of women.)