This Relationship Has Gone To Pot(ty)

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(My boyfriend and I are being really goofy, and we are making fun of each other. He shares a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where Calvin’s parents are musing about why they didn’t get a dog instead of having him.)

Boyfriend: “See? We should get together and just get a dog. That would be perfect.”

Me: “No way. What if it pees and poops all over the house?”

Boyfriend: “Don’t be silly. We are going to potty train it.”

Me: “Don’t you mean, YOU are going to potty train it?”

Boyfriend: “Nope. We. I’m sorry, but I can’t be together with you if we can’t potty train and keep a dog.”

Me: “Wait. So you mean that our future depends on the potty training of a dog that we haven’t even adopted yet?”

Boyfriend: “Yup. We’ve got our priorities clearly defined.”


A Purr-fect Arrangement

| CA, USA | Marriage & Partners

(I’m using the IM feature of a popular social networking site to chat with my long-distance partner. Our conversation changes randomly to the subject of cats.)

Partner: “Cats are evil.”

Me: “Why do you think I’m a cat person?”

Partner: “You have that vibe.”

Me: “Well, if you purr when I rub your tummy that may tie me over.”

Partner: “That’s strange!”

(Zip ahead two weeks: We are finally hanging out in person, and cuddling together on my bed. I start rubbing his tummy.)

Partner: “You’re not trying to make me purr, are you?”


Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 4

| OR, USA | Marriage & Partners, Pokemon, Popular

(My new husband and I started playing Pokémon Go together, but due to server and battery issues, he has gotten more than me. One day while he’s at work, I run some errands and get side-tracked playing.)

Me: “Will you try to divorce me if I tell you I got a Pikachu, Ponyta, and a Meowth this morning?”

Husband: “You’re being served shortly.”

Me: “Awww… would going up to [butte in the middle of town] together to watch the sunset help?”


Me: “Because there’s no way I can take that Flareon myself but we could totally get a gym for blue together.”

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