The True Meaning Of Seeing Clearly

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(Five teenage girls are sitting at a table. A couple tables away are two teenage guys. One of the guys appears to be staring at the girls through his sunglasses. The girls are arguing with each other about which one of them he is checking out.)

Me: “Uhh, girls…hate to burst your bubble, but he’s blind.”

Girls #1-#4: “Oh no!”

Girl #5, to the other girls: “Best news I’ve heard. Means I have just as much chance with him as you all do.”

(At this point, Girl #5 walks over and asks for the guy’s number, which he gives to her.)

Girl #1, to the blind guy: “Hey, you got the ugliest girl!”

Blind guy: “That’s the best thing about being blind. I can pay more attention to appreciating people for who they are, instead of judging by beauty. Dating is not a beauty contest.”

(Five months later, the girl and the guy continue to visit the restaurant regularly–minus the other four girls, since the two are now seriously dating!)

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