Two’s Company, Three’s A Bargain

| Glasgow, Scotland | Infidelity, Marriage & Partners

Caller: *on the phone* “I’d like a quote to insure 2 cars. Do I get a discount if it’s for 2 cars?”

Me: “Yes, as long as they’re registered at the same address.”

Caller: “OK, first I need a quote for my wife’s car.”

(I run through the details and tell him the price.)

Caller: “OK, now I need a quote for my girlfriend’s car.”

Me: “Er…OK.”

Caller: “Do I get a discount on the second one, then?”

Me: “Only if they’re registered at the same address.”

Caller: “OK.”

Me: *confused* “Do your wife and your girlfriend live at the same address?”

Caller: “What do you think I am? Stupid?”

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