Vexed By The Ex’s Pecks

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(My boyfriend used to go out with my best friend. They had a rather difficult break-up after she cheated on him. We’re still friends, but since their break-up, she hasn’t really spent much time with my boyfriend. My sister is claiming that she saw them together.)

Sister: “I’m telling you, I saw them together.”

Me: “Are you sure it wasn’t someone who looked like [best friend]?”

Sister: “It was her. They were at the mall together.”

Me: “Well, maybe they’re just trying to patch up their friendship. It’s fine, I trust him.”

Sister: “But, I saw him kissing her!”

Me: “I’ll show no mercy.”

(I’m in tears by the time my boyfriend comes home. He tries to hug me but I stop him.)

Me: “Were you out with [best friend] today?”

Him: “Yeah, I met up with her at the mall and we decided to put our past behind us to hang out for a bit.”

Me: “So, my sister was lying when she said she saw you kissing her?”

Him: “No… I… well; I kissed her cheek because she helped me with something.”

(He gets down on one knee and opens up a box from his pocket.)

Him: “She helped me pick this out for you.”

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