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    He Really Became The Character

    | OR, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (My husband and I are in the car, driving home, and discussing the various Hulk movies and the actors who played the Hulk. We get on the topic of our favorite ones.)

    Husband: “I like all of them except Eric Bana. He didn’t really fit.”

    Me: “My favorite’s Bruce Banner. He was an awesome Hulk…”

    Husband: “…”

    Me: “NO! No, that’s not what I meant!! MARK RUFFALO!!! I MEANT MARK RUFFALO!”

    Husband: “Yes, [My Name], Bruce Banner was the best Hulk.”

    Me: “That’s soooo not what I meant to say!”


    Me: “Oh, shush!”

    Holy Awesome Girlfriend!

    | Ball, LA, USA | Dating

    (I’m visiting my boyfriend and a friend that I had never met comes to visit. I’m a shy person so I don’t say much to him. We’re watching The Simpsons and a character is watching a parody episode of the old Batman show.)

    Me: *grinning* “Batman! That show was so awful but funny.”

    Boyfriend:” You know that’s the original Batman, right?”

    Me: *confused* “What?”

    Boyfriend: “That’s the original Batman voicing him in the show. It’s Adam West.”

    Me: “Oh! I knew that! At first I thought you meant that it was the original Batman cartoon!”

    Boyfriend: *shakes his head* “No, I know it isn’t. But Adam West has done quite a bit of voice work. He’s the mayor in Family Guy…”

    Me: “Yeah, Mayor Adam West. He’s also the voice of the young Mermaid Man in Spongebob and Catman in Fairly OddParents, both of those characters being parodies of Batman. He’s also in a commercial for something or other.”

    Boyfriend: *nods* “Lending Tree.”

    (His friend is now looking from me to my boyfriend, obviously trying not to stare.)

    Boyfriend: *shrugs* “Yeah, I found one as weird and nerdy as I am.”

    Friend: “Keep. Her.”

    Monitoring The Situation For The Right Reasons

    | MN, USA | Dating

    (I am prepping to move in with my boyfriend, and am packing up my computer and two monitors. He’s taking them in his car while I bring my two cats in a separate car.)

    Boyfriend: “Okay, I’ll get these over to my place and you can take your time with the kitties.”

    Me: “Drive safe.”

    Boyfriend: “Of course I’ll drive safe.”

    Me: “I don’t want to have to get new monitors…”

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    Literally Until Undeath Do Us Part

    | VA, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (When I was younger my mother had a health condition that led to an extended hospital stay. Three times while she was in the ICU she actually was clinically dead, and then revived. After she was released from the hospital at a follow up doctor visit my father made this observation.)

    Father: “You know, our wedding vows said ’til death do us part.’ They never said anything about if you were brought back!”

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