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    Calculated To A Fault

    | PA, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I have just had a sort-of fight, and I am feeling very guilty as I overreacted due to unrelated stress, making it mostly my fault.)

    Me: “I just hate that it’s all my fault, you know?

    Boyfriend: “I’ll take 10% of the blame if you like.”

    Me: “Oh, only 10%? How generous of you.”

    Boyfriend: “All right, 20%, but that’s my final offer, and if you reject it, it’s back to 10%.”

    Me: “…25%?”

    Boyfriend: “20%.”

    Me: “…Fine. 20%.”

    Boyfriend: “I love you, so I’ll make it 22.5%.”

    Taking A Minute’s Break

    | ON, Canada | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are going to hang out after working out together. He is prioritizing his time out loud while I am packing up my stuff.)

    Boyfriend: “Okay, it’s 11:20 now, I need to leave by 12:15, so we should break up by 12:05.”

    Me: *stops what I’m doing and gives him a look*

    Boyfriend: “…Okay, I probably should’ve worded that better.”

    Me: *overly dramatic* “Oh, c’mon babe, I know it was a hard workout, but can’t we talk about this?”

    Boyfriend: “I probably—”

    Me: “I mean, especially planning it down to the minute? That’s kind of harsh isn’t it?”

    Boyfriend: “Break out. I should’ve said break out.”

    (Later, I check my watch and it’s 12:05.)

    Me: “So, are we breaking up now?”

    Just Roll With It

    | Kamloops, BC, Canada | Marriage & Partners

    (My husband and I sleep separately when one of us is sick or restless so we won’t disturb the sleep of the other. I am putting some clothes in my husband’s room when I notice his bedding.)

    Me: “Why are your blankets all twisted around and around like that?”

    Husband: “It’s just how I roll.”

    Making A Grievous Mistake

    | SC, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend’s uncle had just passed away. Also, my boyfriend has a habit of touching my butt in public. We are in the frozen food aisle.)

    Boyfriend: *puts his hand on my butt and leaves it there*

    (After a minute or so I turn to look at him.)

    Boyfriend: “What? I’m grieving. Besides, Uncle would approve.”

    Booger Bird Brained

    | QLD, Australia | Marriage & Partners

    (My husband used to have a bird named Booger. He died a couple of summers ago from heat exhaustion. The other night my husband and I are saying goodnight and I’m complaining about his facial hair hurting my lip. He goes in to kiss me a second time and gets my nose instead.)

    Husband: “Wait. No, that’s your nose. That’s where boogers come out. I miss my Boogers…”

    (I get the giggles.)

    Husband: “I mean my bird.”

    Me: “I know, but the way it sounded…”

    (I continue laughing for a few minutes.)

    Husband: “This is going on Not Always Romantic isn’t it?”

    Me: “Yep.”

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