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    The Best I Don’t What Ever

    | FL, USA | Dating

    (I’ve been seeing a guy for about a month or so, but having just gotten out of a long-term relationship I’m wary of putting a label on anything or jumping into another relationship. This conversation happens as he is getting ready to leave to go to work after staying over at my place.)

    Me: “You know, every time you stay over I make these grand plans to wake up early and make you breakfast. Do you know how often this has actually happened?”

    Him: “Zero.”

    Me: “Zero. And you know how likely it is to happen any time in the near future?”

    Together: “Zero.”

    Me: “I feel like I’m failing as a… whatever it is I am!”

    Him: “You’re the best whatever it is you are a guy could ask for.”

    (This one might be a keeper!)

    Should Nose Better Than To Ask

    | Portland, OR, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are lying in bed talking, when I notice his skin is flaking on the nostril where he had some stitches in a few weeks ago. I’m very easily annoyed when it comes to peeling skin, and glare at it wanting to get rid of the flakes.)

    Boyfriend: “Uhm… [My Name]? Are you okay?”

    Me: *in a low gravely voice* “I want to rip the flesh off of your nose!”

    (He looked at me in sheer horror, while what I said processed in my mind. I laughed for a solid five minutes before I could explain myself!)

    Dialed-In Dinner

    | Australia | Dating

    (My girlfriend had apparently ‘butt-dialed’ me by accident. After some silence from her, and the noise from the cd-player, I hear this:)

    Girlfriend: “Tabouleh, tabouleh, I’m gonna make some tabouleh. Tabouleh, tabouleh, taluba-uba-uba-uba-oooouuu-leh.”

    (I hung up and when she told me what she was making for dinner, I asked her if she had any tabouleh for it. She was thoroughly confused.)

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