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    Best 1st Date Ever


    Good Thing They Caught Each Other, Part 20

    | Pittsburgh, PA, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend is driving me in for a minor outpatient surgical procedure. I don’t know how long it will be, how long I’ll be waiting, what have you, so I throw my 3DS and a few games in my purse to combat boredom. I’m telling my boyfriend this.)

    Me: “So, I have my DS in my purse. If you get bored waiting for me, you can play anything except for Pokémon X and Aqua. You can play Pearl; I’ve given up on that one. But not the first two. I have Mario Kart and some other fun games.”

    Boyfriend: “No Pokémon? What kind of girlfriend are you?”

    Me: “An awesome one.”

    Boyfriend: “I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to open your game and replace all of your Pokémon with Magikarp.”

    Me: *gasps* “You wouldn’t. I have the magic gay pride reindeer. You will not touch it.”

    Boyfriend: “I’ll do it.”

    Me: “You do that, and I’ll leave you. I’m at the Pokémon league, and you will not screw me over. That is a divorceable offense. No court in the land would blame me if I killed you.”

    Boyfriend: *kisses the top of my head* “You’re adorable. Don’t worry; I won’t delete the gay pride reindeer.”

    Me: “Or Diancie. She’s a bad-a**.”

    Boyfriend: “Whatever you say, dear.”

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    Can You Smell The Love Tonight, Part 17

    | GA, USA | Marriage & Partners

    (I’m reading an article that was posted on Facebook by a friend:)

    Me: “Hey, honey, you’ve been helping defend me against cancer!”

    Husband: “How?”

    Me: “This study says that smelling farts can help prevent cancer!”

    Husband: “I told you about that article ages ago. And then you wouldn’t let me fart on you. I was just looking out for your health!”

    Me: “With your farts? I’ll go blind from the smell before I get cancer.”

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    Weaning Off The Weiner

    | NY, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are both male, and spending the weekend together. He has two dachshunds, often called “wiener dogs,, who have buried themselves in the blankets of his bed. I’m grabbing at him while he’s getting a game to play.)

    Boyfriend: “Love, you’re being naughty.”

    Me: “You want naughty?” *starts patting the blankets, looking for the dogs*

    Boyfriend: “What are you doing now?”

    Me: *pauses* “It’s a sad day when a gay man has trouble finding a wiener.”

    Boyfriend: “…You’re putting this on Not Always, aren’t you?”

    Me: “Already opening the browser!”

    Relationship Problems: Basic Instructions


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