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    Hot Passions In The Land Of Ice

    | IL, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend is currently on vacation in Iceland while I am still in the Midwest. By the time this conversation occurs, we haven’t seen each other in a week.)

    Boyfriend: “Ugh, can’t you just fly out here for a quickie?”

    Me: “All right, don’t get me wrong.  I love having sex with you and all, but flying out to Iceland for a quickie is not worth it.”

    Boyfriend: “Fine, I guess you can stay here for a little while.”

    Me: “Haha.”

    Boyfriend: “I really must be good in bed, because I bring nothing romantic to this relationship.”

    A Healthy Spiritual Relationship

    | NY, USA | Dating

    (My boyfriend is trying to fix his mom’s car and is texting me on his progress.)

    Boyfriend: “I did it! I am a god among men.”

    Me: “Definitely.”

    Boyfriend: “I get that at parties all the time. People come up to me like, ‘God?’ And I’m like ‘Nah, sorry, but I get that a lot.'”

    Me: “That’s true. Like sometimes during sex I’ll be like ‘Oh, God!’ and then I’m like, oh, wait, it’s just [Boyfriend]. My bad.'”

    A Relationship Face/Off

    | The Netherlands | Dating

    (My boyfriend and I are long-distanced, so we often tell each other we want to snuggle or kiss the other over text or in chat. My boyfriend often replies with the following:)

    Me: “I want to snuggle you!”

    Boyfriend: “I want to kiss your face off!”

    Me: “Why do you always want to separate me from my face?”

    Boyfriend: “Because that’s where your brain is and I don’t want you to question why you’re with me.”

    Love You Infinity Plus One

    | LA, USA | Dating

    (I’ve started over with an ex that I never really got over. It should be noted that I am NOT a very romantic person.)

    Me: “I love you.”

    Boyfriend: “Love you more.”

    Me: “Not possible. My love for you is infinite and unconditional.”

    Boyfriend: “Prove it.”

    Me: “I never stopped loving you and never will. You’re such a kind, gentle person that I can’t help loving you. You are patient, intelligent, and funny. You make me feel like I am the most special woman in the world. You aren’t perfect and you don’t pretend to be.”


    Me: “Shall I go on?”

    Boyfriend: “No… I should have conceded long ago on this subject.”

    You Have Discovered A New Relationship Area

    | Westchester, NY, USA | Dating

    (I’ve recently started dating a guy, and we are sending each other sexy texts about things we would want to do in the future.)

    Me: *responding to one of his ideas* “Well, we’re gonna need to a earn a lot more experience points before we make it to that level.”

    Guy: “Did you just insert nerd terminology into our sexting?”

    Me: “Yes. Yes, I did.”

    Guy: “So, tell me more about this level system…”

    (Ever since, we refer to ‘leveling up’ or ‘gaining points’ when we talk about something we haven’t done yet.)

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