Tea-Total For Bad Puns

| Canada | Engaged, Punny

(My fiancée and I decide to go into a nice tea shop to buy some loose leaf tea. They have samples of their mixes throughout the store.)

Me: *samples a very fruity tea* “Oh! This is good. Try it.”

Fiancée: *takes a sip and shakes his head* “Nah, I’m not a fan.”

Me: *leans in close with a big grin* “Would you say it wasn’t… your cup of tea?”

(He looked so affronted and almost walked out on me. Totally worth it.)


A New Relationship Would Completely Blow

| PA, USA | Advice

(A friend and I have gone out to pick up some supplies. It’s a very windy night. When he parks the car, I struggle to get my door open. Once I do, I have an idea, and walk away without closing the door. The wind slams it shut before I’m two steps away. As we go into the store…)

Me: “The wind completely closed my door for me.”

Friend: “It’s being polite! [My Boyfriend] better watch out! Something else is…”

Me: “…blowing me away?”

Friend: “Sweeping you off your feet!”

Me: “I hope not!”


Unhappy Ogle

| The Netherlands | Marriage & Partners

(My wife is changing into a dress, and I admire her looks. She doesn’t like to be ogled.)

Wife: “Please stop it. You’re looking happy.”

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