Hopefully They’ll All Die Out One Day

| CA, USA | Harassment

(I am out jogging when I stop in front of a middle school to take a breather. There’s a rather attractive young girl folding origami while she waits for her ride home.)

Boy: *sitting next to her* “Hey, baby, what else can you do with your hands?”

Girl: *a little weirded out, starts putting away origami* “Lotsa things, I guess…”

Boy: “Wanna know what I can do with my hands? Squeeze the t*ts of a sexy babe like you.”

Girl: *starts clapping and bouncing up and down* “Yes! I need a picture! I’ve finally found Homo Sapien es F**kboy, trying and failing to get a girlfriend!”

Boy: “What…?”

Girl: *takes a picture of the boy, flounces away to car*

(More girls like this, please!)

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