No Hate In This Proposition

| Richmond, VA, USA | Proposals, Theme Of The Month

(My boyfriend and I are a straight couple, at a photo-shoot for a fairly well-known pro-LGBT campaign. In these photos, participants wear white and have duct tape over their mouths to represent LGBT voices being silenced. We are stepping in front of the camera and both have duct tape over our mouths. I walk ahead of him, then turn around when I realize he isn’t following. He’s down on one knee holding a little red leather box with a beautiful pearl ring. I’m completely flabbergasted, clearly tearing up and neither of us are saying a word.)

Gay man standing in line: “Don’t you dare cry! Your mascara will run! Just say yes to your man!”

(I do cry, the mascara does not run, I nod my head yes and about 50 random people we don’t know take pictures with us after.)

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