Not Joining The Ex-Men

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(My girlfriend and I are deciding what film to watch at the cinema. We are both film geeks, and cannot decide. We ‘rock, paper, scissors’ it. My girlfriends paper covers my rock. Note that we are standing in front of the box office clerk.)

Me: “Wait right there. That wasn’t a rock; it was Wolverine’s fist spouting adamantium claws to shred your pathetic paper.”

Girlfriend: “Well, in that case, my paper was in fact a manifestation of Magneto’s force field, to repel even the most hardened attack of your useless adamantium!”

Me: “See, this is why I love you.”

Girlfriend: “Mutant love rocks!”

(The clerk at the box office was so amused he gave us a ‘mutant special discount’, and we only paid student price!)

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