Nutella For The Nutty Fella

| Houston, TX, USA | Exes/Old Flames

(My ex and I are slowly trying to rebuild a friendship. We sometimes discuss our current relationship issues.)

Ex: “My boyfriend and I had a horrible fight.”

Me: “Over what?”

Ex: “Nutella.”

Me: “Huh?”

Ex: “See, he asked me not to eat the last of his Nutella. But I wanted some, so I ate it.”

Me: “Did you know he’d be upset if you ate it?”

Ex: “Yes.”

Me: “Then why did you do so?”

Ex: “Because I don’t think it’s something he should get upset about.”

Me: “Okay, let me make sure I understand. Your boyfriend asked you not to do something but you did it anyway, knowing it would upset him. And now you’re angry with him because he’s angry with you.”

Ex: “That’s correct.”

Me: “Wow. You’re a keeper.”

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