Nuts About Each Other

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(My boyfriend and I are trying a new restaurant close by us. A lot of the popular local restaurants have buckets of peanuts still in the shells on the table, and it’s tradition to throw the shells on the floor. We are both artistic, and the only customers in the place this late at night.)

Me: “I never thought this place would be so dead.”

Boyfriend: “I know, I’ve heard so much about it. I thought it would be full.”

(I start tearing shells apart, and placing them in a pattern on the table. My boyfriend starts adding to it.)

Waitress: “Everything goi—whoa! Wait, wait! Can I take a picture? My daughter will love this!”

Me: “Of course!”

(The waitress takes out her phone, and snaps a picture. The peanut shells are in the shape of a sunflower.)

Waitress: “She loves sunflowers! That’s the best thing I’ve seen these shells used for!”

(My boyfriend and I smile at each other when the waitress walks away.)

Boyfriend: “Should we?”

(We continue adding more to the flower until it takes up almost the whole table. The waitress comes back.)

Waitress: “Oh, my God! Now I need another! This is great! You two made my night!”

(The waitress ends up talking to us all night. She makes the closing employees leave the shells on our table for the opening staff to see. My boyfriend and I are beaming for the rest of our anniversary.)

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