Putting The Relation Into Relationship, Part 4

| Dating, Family/Kids

(My boyfriend has just finished telling me about his wild college days.)

Me: “You are not allowed to talk to my brother. He’s starting college in a month and he’s a good child!”

Boyfriend: “I’ll sit him down and explain how it goes. I’ll say, ‘I was wild. I did some horrible stuff. But then I met your sister and I settled down. It was worth it for your sister. So enjoy life until you meet your sister’.”

Me: “He’s already met me.”

Boyfriend: “You know what I mean! His version of my you! And I’ll say, ‘You’ll fall in love with your sister. And want to always be with your sister. And someday you’ll want to marry your sister.”

Me: “This is getting creepy.”

Boyfriend: “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!”

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