Ring Pop The Question

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(I’ve been out of town for the last six days on a trip. I’m walking up the concourse to where my boyfriend is waiting for me. I hug him, then he drops to one knee.)

Him: “You know, we’ve only been together for five months. I know this is short notice, but the last six days have been hell and have really reaffirmed that I can’t live without you in my life. I want to spend my life with you and…”

(He pauses for breath and pulls out a Ring Pop.)

Him: “…I really want to be with you and I know I can’t afford much, but will you marry me?”

(At this point, other people are watching. Neither of us really cares as I attack-hug him with kisses.)

Me: “Yes!”

(I still have the ring from the Ring Pop, and we’re still together. The date is picked and rapidly approaching!)

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