The Triforce Of Love

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(My girlfriend and I are both geeks. We are at a convention as Link and Zelda. We are currently at the costume contest.)

Me: “Come on, let’s go up and enter the pairs division.”

Girlfriend: “Why? We’re not going to win. All the other costumes are a lot better than ours.” *this is absolutely true*

Me: “Please… it’ll be fun!”

Girlfriend: “Alright.”

(We walk up and get in line. As our turn comes up, we walk across the stage and pose. I turn to her. I have prearranged something with the people running the contest and they give me a microphone.)

Me: “I have loved you since our first dance. And I want to spend the rest of my life dancing with you.”

(I get down on one knee and pull out the ring. The crowd is dead silent.)

Me: “I tried to think of some big romantic thing, but that wouldn’t be us. So here goes.”

(Holding up the ring.)

Me: *quoting ‘Legend of Zelda’* “It’s not safe to go alone. Take this!”

(The crowd starts screaming and she starts crying. She nods and a put the ring on her finger. I stand up, we hug, and I give a thumbs up to the crowd. They scream louder. We won the contest.)

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