Things Are Not Looking Good

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(I missed a call from an unknown number and think nothing of it, until it calls again 20 minutes later. I cautiously answer, only to hear my husband on the line, borrowing a coworker’s phone. I am the primary on our wireless phone service.)

Husband: “Hey! Someone stole my phone. I need you to suspend it immediately.”

Me: “Are you sure someone actually took it?”

Husband: “I can’t find it anywhere. I think someone either stole it or picked it up. Just please, suspend it.”

(I agree, but before doing so I log into my account and look for any recent usage. Everything looks legitimate, so I call his cell phone. My husband picks up.)

Husband: “That is so weird. I’m in my truck and the blue-tooth must have picked up on my phone, but I’m far from work now.”

Me: “Are you sure it isn’t in your truck somewhere?”

Husband: “I don’t think so. I completely tore the truck apart looking for it. Just hold off on suspending it. I’ll be home soon.”

(Twenty minutes later he came home, upset over the loss because even with insurance we couldn’t replace it right then and he needed it for work and was expecting an important phone call. I told him I would take a look. Within two minutes I located his phone, on silent, tucked under the back seat of his truck and only partially covered. The space underneath the seat was quite visible from the front or side of the truck, so he would have looked right at it at some point. My husband felt a bit bad about this… until I showed him that this is a relatively common phenomenon with married couples!)

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